Instructor Details

Omnia Nasser


Omnia Nasser is a dedicated Computer Engineer with a thriving career in academia, spanning over 13 years. She holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Communication Engineering degree, which she earned in 2007, and has since become a prominent figure in the field of technology education.

With a strong passion for data science and a deep specialization in Python development, Omnia has not only excelled as a computer engineer but has also shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise with aspiring students. Her extensive experience as a lecturer has allowed her to impart her insights and skills to the next generation of technology professionals.

Omnia Nasser's commitment to the field, her educational background, and her proficiency in data science and Python development make her a valuable asset to both the academic and professional worlds of computer engineering. Her dedication to the craft and her contributions as an educator have left an indelible mark on the field, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their passions and careers in technology.