Our Services

S&A Academy provides several services to engineering students, including:


1- Providing training courses: The academy offers training courses in various engineering fields to enable students to acquire the necessary skills in their majors.


2- Offering private lessons: The academy provides private lessons for students who need further support and assistance in their studies.


3- Organizing workshops: The academy organizes educational workshops for students to enhance their understanding of the subjects and improve their practical skills.


4- Providing study materials: The academy continuously provides specialized and updated study materials to meet the students' needs.


5- Academic guidance: The academy offers academic guidance to students, including advice on choosing majors and assistance in determining their academic and professional paths.


6- Evaluation and analysis: The academy evaluates and analyzes students' performance and provides them with reports and feedback on their performance and guidance for improvement.


7- Employment support: The academy provides support to students in finding job opportunities and offers advice and guidance on improving work skills, writing resumes, and conducting job interviews."